We Serve as You Need


JAMM provides one-stop professional service and integrated support to your events. Activities include:

  • 混合模式活動 Hybrid Activities
  • 串流直播,包括Facebook 直播, YouTube 直播  Live Streaming, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live.
  • 網上會議或研討會  Online Meeting or Conference  
  • 音樂會  Concert  
  • 嘉年華  Carnival  
  • 發佈會  Press Conference  
  • 週年宴會  Annual Dinner  
  • 表演活動  Variety Show  
  • 宣傳活動  Promotional Acitivities  
  • 會議活動  Conference/ Symposium  
  • 慶典  Ceremony  

網上直播 Live streaming

  • 十天不同場景網上直播宣傳 Online promotion activities with different scenes for ten days

網上直播 Live Streaming

  • 公司內部會議/ 活動 Company online meetings or activities

週年聚餐 Annual Dinner

  • 音響 Audio
  • 燈光 Lighting
  • 投影機、螢幕 Projector and screen
  • 影片製作 Video Taking
  • 照片拍攝 Photo Taking

音樂會 Concert

  • 專業音響燈光設備 Professional audio and lighting equipment

制服團隊大步操 Uniform Group Parade

  • 能覆蓋全場音響系統 Audio system which could cover the whole area
  • 敬拜隊樂器及音響設備 Musical Instruments and audio equipment for worship team
  • 提供現場拍攝畫面連接到大銀幕 Provide live camera signal to the screen at the venue

演奏會 Music

  • 專業級合唱團及各種樂器專用的音響設備  Professional audio system set up for differnet musical instruments and choral in a hall setting

慶典 Celebration

  • 戶外音響 Audio system for open area

會議 Meeting

  • 舞台 Stage
  • 音響 Audio system
  • 拍攝、投影 Video taking and projection