Xilica XP-3060


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Powerfull Pro System Controller

  •  3×6 matrix DSP system controller
  •  Supplied with XConsole GUI
  •  Connectivity RS232, USB and CAT5 Ethernet (wireless ready)
  •  24 bit AD/DA converters
  •  Sampling rate 96 kHz – 40 bit floating point DSP
  •  650ms Delay per Input and Output • Crossovers, Compressors and Limiters
  •  31 Band, 1/3 Octave GEQ per Input
  •  8 Band PEQ per Input and Output
  •  Phase correction, 30 Presets, Password protection
  •  Up to 16 devices in the same network
  •  Optional: XPanel programmable Ethernet remote wall controller

Available as XP-3060 or as XP-3060M were all inputs can be adjusted for either Line or Microphone levels, switchable 48 Volt Phantom power included.

Six years after we introduced our first classic series processors, we redesigned the total concept:

  •  Incorporated our latest four layer “ State-of-the-Art “ Analog and DSP boards.
  •  Carefully sourced top quality components, like Cirrus Logic converters and an Analog Devices Sharc DSP, that we programmed using accurate and precise algorithms.
  •  Added a reliable over dimensioned Japanese Switching Power Supply that accepts voltages between 90 up to 265 volts AC.

The XP-3060 can be configured stand alone, or (wireless) remote controlled via the supplied XConsole GUI. This Graphic User Interface not only gives a clear overview off all settings, but at the same time provides you with real time hands on control over all your system parameters. For both fixed and touring applications, the XP-3060 offers you reliable top high end audio quality at a friendly and unbeatable price point.







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